and no ones sings me lullabies, and no one makes me close my eyes
so I throw the windows wide, and call to you across the sky
"   In Utero is a testament to the artistic vision of Kurt Cobain. It’s kind of a weird record, and it’s strangely beautiful at the same time. And if you look at Kurt’s paintings and his drawings — he even did a sculpture for me — it’s a rising, tortured-spirit person. It’s kind of weird. It’s done well, but it’s like what Dave was saying about having your own sound. Kurt was a great songwriter. He knew he had a good ear for a hook [and was] a great singer, great guitar player, and In Utero is a good representation of what he liked in art and how he expressed himself.   "
krist novoselic (NPR interview)

(Source: NPR, via phineas4cobain)